Southern Oaks Church of Christ

Southern Oaks Youth

Wade McKnight 

Youth & Family Minister
 Hello I’m Wade McKnight, your friendly neighborhood youth and family minister.  I have been doing this full time for the last seventeen years.  The last seven years have been here at the Southern Oaks Church of Christ.  The majority of my time is spent working with the 7th-12th grades, teaching classes, planning activities, and going to youth camps and retreats. I also spend much time coordinating and coaching Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) events for 3rd-12 grades.  It is a great opportunity for our youth to spend time focusing on their specific talents and using those talents to serve God.  I love working with our youth and pray that they take our time together to help them become great assets to the Church. For questions, comments, and information you can contact me on the contact page.

Leadership Training For Christ

The 2016 LTC Event was March 25-27 in Rogers, Arkansas.
 The theme is "Refuge" The Books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth

There are many events for students to participate in. Some do not require attending the LTC event. Our children are involved in Bible Reading, Song Leading, Chorus, Bible Bowl, Puppets, Video Drama, Christian Art, Photography and Writing.

Bible Class Memory Work

We have our Bible Class Awards in September for the prior school year. The children that have completed the memory work for their grade will receive book and plaques accordingly. Memory work is due in by June 30 to receive awards. Contact teachers for update on your child's work.


Books of the Bible Days of Creation Gen. 1-2:2 The Apostles Matt. 10:2-4 ABC Verses

first grade

Ten Plagues Exodus 7-11 Ten Commandments Exodus 20:3-17 Twelve Sons of Jacob Genesis 35:23-26 ABC Verses

second grade

Psalm 23 Psalm 100 15 Judges Judges 3-16 & I Samuel 1-2

third Grade

Psalm 1 Lord’s Model prayer Matthew 6:9-13 Fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22-23


fourth grade

Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-11 Two Greatest Commands Mark 12:28-31 Christian Armor Ephesians 6:10-17

fifth grade

Plan of Salvation Peter’s Keys to the Kingdom Matthew 16:15-19 Christian Virtues II Peter 1:5-8 Three Dispensations of Time

sixth grade

Acts of Worship Qualifications of Elders I Timothy 3:1-7 Qualifications of Deacons I Tim. 3:8-13 The Great Commission Matt 28:16-20

Each year the students repeat the previous grades’ work plus the new year’s assignments. The ABC Verses consist of 26 bible verses, one for each letter of the alphabet. These verses are memorized in addition to the other listed items.